National Advisory Committee


Our work has been informed by hundreds of researchers, practitioners, and policymakers. As an example, the SoLD Alliance National Advisory Committee (SNAC) regularly convenes to provide expert, strategic guidance to the SoLD Alliance as it develops infrastructure for systems change essential to making emerging lessons from the science of learning and development deeply understood, widely held, and actionable among education field leaders and the programs, organizations, and systems they lead. Members of the SNAC include field leaders from across the education and youth-serving landscape, representing research, practice, policy, and advocacy expertise. 

Ron Dahl


Director, Center on the Developing Adolescent University of California, Berkeley

Andy Calkins headshot2016.png

Andy Calkins


Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges

Camille Farrington


Managing Director, Senior Research Associate University of Chicago Consortium on School Research

Carol Lee


Edwina S. Tarry Professor of Education, Northwestern University

Macarena Hernandez


Fred Hartman Distinguished Professor of Journalism, Baylor University

Rich Lerner


Bergstrom Chair in Applied Developmental Science, Tufts University

Hal Smith


Senior Vice President, Education and Health, National Urban League

Carey Wright


State Superintendent of Education

Mississippi Department of Education

"The research of SoLD resonates with the instincts of universally great practices that can both affirm current practice and is a bold provocation to deeply redesign the system."


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