SoLD Team

The SoLD Team of the SoLD Alliance includes leaders from the American Institutes for Research,  EducationCounsel LLC, The Forum for Youth Investment, Learning Policy Institute, Populace, and Turnaround for Children. The team is committed to building the interdisciplinary foundations and collaborative connections needed to catalyze durable, systemic transformation within and across education systems.

Juliette Berg


Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Sarah Caverly


Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research

Jennifer DePaoli


Senior Researcher, Learning Policy Institute

Lisa Flook


Senior Researcher, Learning Policy Institute

Merita Irby

Co-Founder, Executive Vice President, The Forum For Youth Investment

Bethany Little


Principal, EducationCounsel

Scott Palmer


Managing Partner and Co-Founder, EducationCounsel

Todd Rose


Co-Founder & President, Populace

Joaquin Tamayo


Senior Policy Advisor, EducationCounsel


Pamela Cantor, M.D.


Founder and Senior Science Advisor, Turnaround for Children

Linda Darling-Hammond


President & CEO, Learning Policy Institute

Jamie Fasteau


Principal, EducationCounsel

Nora Gomperts


Chief of Staff, Turnaround for Children

Samantha Kobbah


Policy Associate, EducationCounsel

David Osher


Vice President and Institute Fellow, American Institutes for Research 

Karen Pittman


Co-Founder, President and CEO, The Forum For Youth Investment

Jackie Ross


SoLD Director of Communications

Emily Webb


Senior Policy Associate, EducationCounsel

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